The island that offers you everything and you always come back

Turquoise waters, picturesque architecture, good food. The three phrases which they would describe Sifnos briefly and comprehensively. Of course, Sifnos is not only that, but this particular triptych is tempting enough to decide to take your short or long vacation there. It is close to the port of Piraeus and this is another reason to get there. You’ll discover hidden beauties, especially landscapes, and if you’re interested in nightlife, you won’t be disappointed there either. Generally, it is the corner of the Cyclades that is ideal for a calmer but unforgettable holiday for every type of traveler.

To swim in Platis Gialos

The cosmopolitan beach of Sifnos with fine sand is a must for relaxing dives and Cycladic moments. It is fully organized but of course, you can find a comfortable space to put your umbrella and enjoy the sun and the sea. The huge Golden Beach of the Aegean is perfect for your summer getaway to one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. Of course, it’s not the only beach that’s going to steal your heart.

To get to know the famous church of Chrysopigi

Five reasons to go to Sifnos for a holiday

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It is one of the most photographed images of Sifnos. The small church of Chrysopigi is located on the edge of a cliff and offers a unique view. Just below the rocks, you can take dives that are a life experience. This particular beach hides behind it various stories with pirates and miracles that the locals will gladly tell you.

To try the unique gastronomy of the island

Don’t forget you’re on the island of Tselementes (Greek chef of the early 20th century), and that is important. In Sifnos, you will try traditional recipes made mainly from local products. Don’t forget to try chickpeas in the oven, mastello and loli. What’s certain is that when you get back from vacation, you’ll be looking for the recipes to make them at home.

To visit the impressive Castle

Five reasons to go to Sifnos for a holiday

For hiking

Of course, if you’re a fan of this sport. The island is famous for its trails as it has an extensive network to explore the island by walking. The extra advice if you are on the island for hiking is to make small stop on the hidden beaches that you will meet on your way. You may find yourself swimming even on a crystal clear beach on the island.

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