An Escape close to Athens…

Loubarda is a beach of Attica with shallow waters that you will love and get stuck from the first. Because it’s got everything you want for your swimming. Initially, it is so close to Athens, so you will get there easily and quickly. You won’t have to spend time and money on fuel and the result will compensate you with more.

At Lombarda beach you will find shallow and crystal clear blue-green waters and it will not be crowded even though many people visit it especially on weekends

Loubarda: The windy beach of Attica with shallow waters

Loubarda is a beach of Attica famous for its clean and shallow waters. That’s why you’ll probably meet a lot of families where their kids are playing in the sand. Moreover, another feature that makes this beach an ideal choice for swimming near Athens is the fact that it is a wind-up. You will enjoy your swim without the sand coming into your eyes even on days when in other parts of Attica on this particular day it will have a wind blow This is because it is located in a well-protected cove.

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Loubarda is an ideal beach to enjoy your summer dives from the first time you’ll be there.

How to get to Loubarda Beach?

The shallow and windy beach of Loubarda is located near Varkiza. It is in one of the most beautiful places in the area. It is no coincidence that it is a favorite hangout of many residents of Athens. Access to this beach is easy. Loubarda is located in the bay of Agia Marina, at the 33rd km. Athens-Sooniou Avenue. Parking there is just as easy. See here exactly where he is.

Don’t forget:

  • The beach is not organized all over the place but in one place you can find a shop to buy to drink or eat something as well as sunbeds.
  • It’s not a beach we call isolated or with a few people. However, you will park easily and find space to put your umbrella.