The noble island of tranquillity and hospitality

The Dodecanese Island Complex may consist of twelve real diamonds, some more smaller and equally fascinating little treasures belong administratively to it. And although Symi may be the smallest and most magical destination of the Dodecanese Islands, Chalki is the real earthly paradise. And it is not coincidental that it is called the Little Italy of the Aegean Archipelago.

The most famous settlement on the island is Niborio. There, in the harbour, you will see the picturesque and light-bathed houses that look like a painting. You will see the islanders in the windows and courtyards and you will tour the alleys of the settlement. With a single walk in Niborio, you immediately feel your heart overwhelmed by calmness, serenity and happiness. The mansions and restored houses have colours taken out as if from a painter’s palette. They make the scenery look like a fairy tale.

The scenery is complemented by fishing boats rocking on the sea, the clock on the sky-high stone tower and the Town Hall building. There are also, an old mansion with neoclassical architecture and the church of Agios Nikolaos, with its majestic bell tower.

It is a settlement that has been classified as strictly preserved. All renovations and restorations of buildings are done without deviations from the local architectural features of Chalki.

Chalki may not be one of the most popular summer destinations, but it hides some really beautiful treasures. It is the picturesque images, the relaxed life-rhythm of the people of the island and the hospitality of the inhabitants as well. This hospitality was alive and well in Chalki long before it was officially designated as the Island of Peace and Friendship by Unesco during the 1980s. Generosity and welcoming to visitors is always touching.

Chalki: The little paradise of the Dodecanese1

Photo Source: Enpatrais

It is no coincidence that, in a tribute, the Telegraph called it an “unknown earthly paradise” and a visit to it as “a miracle”, as “a triumph sprinkled with the inimitable moments of its magic”.

A fragment of the sky, the perfect place to relax and enjoy peaceful summer holidays.

What you should see in Chalki, the paradise of the Dodecanese Islands

  • The famous castle at the top of the hill of Agios-Nikolas (St. Nicholas), above the old village, built by the knights of St. John in the 14th-15th century
  • The mill of Katsias, located in a place inhabited since the Prehistoric Period.
  • The monastery with the miraculous image of Ag. Ioannis Prodromos, who is celebrated on August 29th, when the famous festival takes place.

Leaving Chalki you take all these memories with you and you certainly hope to return soon.