In search of where to go for a swim in Attica, you may discover small diamonds that will offer you moments of relaxation, clear waters and even natural shade. Such a beach is Legrena that you must definitely put in your schedule for your next excursion to the sea. We tried it and we’re transferring our experience to you. Legrena is a beach in Attica blue and authentic…

Legrena, swimming on the blue beach in Attica

Legrena will not remind you of any of the beaches of Attica that you are used to. It is a large sandy beach with blue waters and golden sand. Perfect for going alone, with friends or with your family. It’s the beach that will remind you of an island, but you’ll be able to drive it in about an hour from home. It is one of the few beaches in Attica that remain, clean, authentic and “untouchable” if we can call it so.

It may be a favorite hangout of several Athenians because everything moves at relaxed pace there. The morning swim there is a dream especially if you find yourself there week day. You will enjoy a golden beach with fine sand and blue waters that will make you thing you are in an island. It is the beach for those who want to avoid the crowds and enjoy their swim in peace. The beach is not organized so you will take your umbrella and towel and you will lay it wherever you want to enjoy the sun and the sea. Ideal company a book to accompany you in peace. In the past, Legrena was a well-hidden secret that now the most searched in the area knows.

‘Those who don’t just want a beach to dive but a sea that will take them to another holiday spot…

Legreina: The blue and authentic beach of Attica


You can find yourself swimming in the adjacent bays to get more privacy.

If you go, now in the steepest spots near the rocks you will probably see snorkelers while the only sound heard is that of cicadas and rackets from time to time… See exactly where the beach is HERE.

How to get to Legrena beach

As you move towards Sounio and just before you reach the unique beauty Temple of Poseidon you will meet the equally idyllic beach of Legrena with the blue waters and the special landscape. It is an extremely spacious beach and you will find it very easy to park the car. You can enjoy your swim comfortably without disturbing or being disturbed. A beach that’s is right for all summer months. External photography source: Google Maps