A picturesque place with special beauty

Scorpio was the great love of Aristotle Onassis. But it was not the only one as far as it concerns the places of Greece he had loved. One of them was very close to Scorpio and was basically a fishing village beautiful and picturesque. So small that it has nothing to do with today’s data. It is the Nidri. The seaside settlement in Lefkada definitely steals the heart of every visitor who will be found on the island. That’s exactly how it happened with Onassis.

The fishing village in Lefkada that had enchanted Onassis

When in 1963 Onassis bought Scorpio, he gave another air to Lefkada. And Nidri was a fishing village that he liked so much that he made sure to leave his imprint. More specifically, Onassis gave a cosmopolitan air to Nidri in various ways. There were not a few times when he made sure to benefit it in many ways.

In addition to his practical love and his benefits, he made sure to visit it very often. Lefkada, after all, was a favorite destination for him after Scorpio.  It is no coincidence, after all, that his statue adorns the beach in Nidri. From there you can enjoy a beautiful view of the endless blue and an unforgettable sunset.

Nidri today

The sometimes picturesque fishing village today is a very popular tourist resort. One of the most popular and picturesque in the Ionian Sea. It is now a beautiful seaside settlement with very organized tourist facilities. You can literally find anything. From accommodations and hotels to shops and dozens of restaurants. Apart from the popular summer, autumn is also a nice time to be in Lefkada and meet Nidri.

Don’t forget

Visit the waterfalls of Demosari. Located 2 km from Nidri, they are one of the most beautiful natural sights in Lefkada. The route to the waterfalls is unforgettable as you pass through plane trees, running waters, and ponds. Something that makes you think you’re in a mountainous place when the sea is near you…

An autumn getaway to Lefkada will leave you with the sweetest memories and you will definitely come back…

Source of exterior photography: Perfume of Lefkada