The island that it will be unforgettable for many reasons

Exploring the Aegean Sea you discover every time how beautiful Greece and its islands are. Amorgos is such an example. A dream island that fascinated you from the first moment you get there. Because it has it all and it offers a relaxing and easy-going holidays. It has a rare wild beauty, wonderful beaches, and rich cultural heritage in a unique combination that you do not easily find somewhere else. And that’s why it has fanatical fans who choose to visit it again and again. One thing that captivates anyone who finds themselves on the island is Amorgos town. Where you feel like you’re making a trip to the endless blue. Amorgos will give you the best impressions on all levels and you will regret not having visited the island earlier

Amorgos Town: Trip to the endless blue

The trip to Amorgos is magical and the scene from the around islands is incredible. Amorgos is an island with a lot of history, a lot of beauty, and fairy tale magic! Amorgos Town is one of the most beautiful in the Aegean Sea.

Even its location is special and not accidental. Amorgos Town is built almost in the center of the island, its the capital. Its location is not just accidental, as we have mentioned, before. The inhabitants had chosen the specific spot of the island so as not to be seen from the sea and not to be seen by the pirates. The port of Town is Katapola from which is about 5 km far away.

There are some things that characterize Amorgos Town as the most beautiful island of the Cyclades. And we certainly agree that it belongs to the list of the most beautiful. It has rare architectural beauty and it seems majestic. There you will see the Byzantine castle and walk-in graphical and colorful blooming bougainvilleas(flower).

The most Characteristic of Amorgos Town is the way in which the houses are built. Due to the restriction of the space that existed the white houses were built in a certain way. Based on the ingenuity of the island’s inhabitants. They essentially built the famous “Skiades”, they have covered passages that create a beautiful and unique feeling to the visitor. If you get there you will see them with your own eyes.

Amorgos Town: A trip to the endless blue

Tip: Don’t miss to visit the beautiful windmills of the island. They are really amazing!

Tip 2: In Amorgos Town, you will also see the Tower of Gavra. It is a 16th-century mansion, which today hosts the Archaeological Museum of the island. There you will see foundings from the excavations in the three Amorgos ancient cities, Arkesini, Aigaia, and Minos.