Kythera is endowed with many stunning beaches for every taste and age

The beaches of Kythera attract like a magnet visitors from all over the world. Kythera’s many creeks gathering lots of rain water, flow to the sea, forming beautiful beaches all around the island.

Their main feature is the blue-green color of the water (Firi Ammos Diakofti), which is shallow and peaceful in some (Agia Pelaghia, Kapsali, Avlemonas) but steep and rough in others when affected by local winds. Some beaches can be easily reached by car or motorcycle, but others demand effort and patience as they require quite some walking.

The destination however is more than rewarding! There are organized beaches with all necessary amenities for a day at the beach, while others require carrying necessary provisions as they do not offer anything else but a virgin landscape and the peacefulness it guarantees.

All in all, regardless of which Kythera beach you visit, there is no doubt that you will be charmed by the quality and the colors of the sea and the surrounding landscape.