An island with many facets, Kythera can please the most demanding visitor with its variety of landscapes

Kythera can be troublesome to get to, a positive advantage in the perfect island stakes. It is not close to any of the better known islands, lying on its own at the bottom of the Peloponnese peninsula. Although Kythera is considered part of the Ionian Sea, it is located far from the other Ionian islands.

After a long time of Venetian occupation in the Medieval ages, this island has a vivid Venetian architecture, especially in Chora, the capital town. On a hill above Chora, there is a strong castle with breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea. Kapsali, Agia Pelagia, Avlemonas and Diakofti are the most tourist oriented places, while a drive around the island will bring visitors to wonderful beaches, lovely monasteries, even ghost villages, like the abandoned town of Paleochora.

Most hotels in Kythera island are found in the beach resorts of Kapsali and Agia Pelagia. These places have a large variety of accommodation, mostly small seaside hotels, traditional apartments and rooms to let. The villages of Diakofti and Avlemonas also have good accommodation options. The island has no large resorts, although some hotels have more upscale facilities, such as pools,

How to get to see the center of Kythera