A Fairy-tale place in the midst of a green landscape

Both the mainland and the islands of Greece hide many beauties and they await you to discover them. Especially places with rare beauty that you may not even have seen in photos. They can offer you unique thrills when you get to know them. One of these places is Mylopotamos in Kythera, which looks like it came out from the pages of a fairy tale.

Mylopotamos is located in the middle of a ravine and its houses are covered with huge pines, plane trees, willows and conifers. Even when it is very hot, Mylopotamos, the graphical village of Kythera, has great cool weather. And the best part? In the river below, they say that fairies live. Do you find a better reason to be there? Kythera is, a great challenge, by itself!

The village of Mylopotamos

Every village in Kythera is unique but Mylopotamos has another grace! When we found ourselves in this particular village, we sat in the café“Platanos” to drink our morning coffee. Later, we started walking around the village. It is a small settlement in which you can enjoy gurgling and cold waters, even in August.

After exploring the magical scenery, we left for the river and the ravine. Surely it is worth walking the path through the 22 watermills. The watermill of FilippiIt is an architectural jewel of the 10th century and was restored and made functional by its owner, Tsirigotis an immigrant who returned from America.

Knowing Kythera-Mylopotamos-Watermills

The Waterfall of the Fairy

Of course, you can’t leave without visiting the famous and beautiful pond of the Waterfall of the fairy. Yes, it is a heavenly place beneath the towering plane trees, where the noise of water sounds melodic. There, you really think you’re into the pages of a magical fairy tale. A scene you won’t easily meet on another island.

The path to the lake is covered by aromatic and climbing plants. With a landscape like this, you’re definitely going to want to take a dive, just like we did! A memory you’ll never forget!

Amazing Mylopotamos in Kythera! But, on the other hand, who said Kythera isn’t a fairy tale? Their beaches, after all, speak for themselves…