Built literally on a cliff, the Agios Yannis on the Cliff church has great historic value

The small church of Agios Yannis on the Cliff is located on a 60 m high cliff above Kapsali. It was built in a hollowed-out space in the cliff, and there are two cells and a kitchen in the cave above.

These constructions were joined to the church in the 17th century, and this small monastery was renovated in 1725 as mentioned by the inscription on the way in. According to the legend this is where St. John started writing the Apocalypse before making his way to the island of Patmos.

Above the arched entrance there is the guest house, with two rooms and a kitchen, originally built 500 years ago. Going further up the stairs you’ll first meet a small ancient temple that was probably built in honor of Evangelist John and soon you’ll see the cave. The church is worth visiting not only for its historic value but for the amazing view it offers of the fortress at Kapsali and the rock islet Hytra in the middle of the sea.