Lykodimou is a beach for those seeking stunning but bare landscapes with no amenities

Lykodimou is a secluded beach on the west coast of Kythera near Logothetianika with easy access. It is small with a mix of sand and pebbles and its water is deep and green. It is rich in marine life and the geological variety of the sea-bed, making this spot ideal for snorkeling.

In the middle of the beach there is a picturesque cave with a fresh water spring offering some shade. In the summer there is a small canteen for a bite to eat and to quench your thirst. If you approach it by boat there is a small jetty to tie it securely. The beach is protected from the north eastern winds by a high cliff. Due to its position on the north, Lykodimou is the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Ideal for people who like privacy and don’t mind the lack of amenities such as umbrellas and sun-chairs.

How to get to Lykodimou Beach