Kakia Lagada is a Blue Flag, well organized beach close to Agia Pelagia

Just next to the beach of Lorentzos, at the end of the Paleochora canyon, we find Kakia Lagada beach at a small distance from Agia Pelagia village. Its waters are deep and it has been awarded the Blue Flag distinction for clean, pristine waters.

On the beach there is a well-equipped canteen, there are umbrellas and sun-beds and quite often there are volley-ball tournaments. The beach is accessible by gravel road. The most important point of interest of Kakia Lagada is the canyon of Palaioxora (otherwise known as Kakia Lagada) to the south.

During the winter months, a large lake is created just behind the beach by the water coming from the gorge. Walking along the gorge is a difficult task and requires proper gear.  In two places you will need to use a rope.  In the winter it is impossible to cross the gorge as the waters form several deep lagoons here and there.

How to get to Kakia Lagada Beach