Endowed with beautiful neoclassical buildings and abundant vegetation, Karavas is an oasis in Kythera

Karavas is a beautiful traditional village spreading on green terraced hillsides on Kythera’s north, 4 kilometres northwest of Agia Pelagia and 26 kilometres north of Chora. The village of Karavas was founded towards the end of the 18th century by refugees from the Peloponnese and from residents from the village of Potamos.

In the 19th century and early 20th century, this whole area was developed economically, as is evident in the many neoclassical buildings dominating the centre of the village.The name Karavas is derived from the word ‘Karavi’ which means ‘boat’ and according to the legend it refers to the fact that many boats crashed on the nearby rocks before the lighthouse was built.

The village consists of several small settlements where every neighbourhood has the name of the inhabitants (Diakopoulianika, Kritharianika, Mavragiorganika etc). This phenomenon of villages named after the inhabitants, is met everywhere on the island of Kythera.

There are many natural springs at Karavas with those of Amir Ali, best known among them. From this source starts a lovely path through a green jungle-like area, along creeks and streams, home of butterflies and dragonflies.

How to get to Karavas Village