Kythera is characterized for its beaches with clear waters and fine sand or nice pebbles. You will find dreamy beaches with everything you want for relaxing moments and a cool swim. Some of them stand out for the beauty and purity of their waters. Like the exotic beach of Kakia Lagada. A dream beach with a natural environment that clearly refers you to landscapes of the Ionian Sea. It will capture your heart from the first time you will be there. The beach with the clearest waters, in combination with the deepest gorge of Kythera, make the landscape unique.

Kakia Lagada beach in Kythera

Kakia Lagada is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches of Kythera. It has been awarded for its clean crystal clear waters with the Blue Flag. When you visit the beach you will be fascinated by the quality of the sandy beach that surrounds it as well as by the peculiarity of the surrounding landscape. Most of it is an organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds.

At the entrance of the beach, you will find a bar with loud music that will cheer you up. In the summer months, there are beach volleyball tournaments and local Barbarossa days which are competitions on pirated skills.

A few meters away from the main beach, there is a small beach of 50 meters with pebbles. At the back is the imposing gorge of Kakias Lagada with stagnant waters.

Everything you want to know about Lagada Beach

Kakia Lagada is 5 km from the location of Agia Pelagia and about 28 km from the port of Diakofti. Leaving Agia Pelagia towards the beach, after 500 meters you will have to drive to a rough dirt road. The beach of Lagada is awarded with the international symbol of coast quality, the Blue Flag.

Whenever you are on the beach of Kythera, you will surely enjoy clear waters and beautiful landscapes. One of the things that will make the island gain a place in your heart. Kakia Lagada and Kythera in general is the island you always return to…