A secluded, difficult to access beach, Agios Lefteris will be definitely rewarding

The beach of Agios Lefteris is a relatively small beach, with pebbles and rocks, offering privacy to those who want to escape from the noise and the crowds. The dirt road leading to Agios Lefteris makes access difficult, so if you decide to go there be sure that your vehicle can take the hardship.

It is located to the west of Kythera, next to Lykodimou beach, which means that it is reached in the same way, through the village of Logothetianika, whether you come from Potamos or Aroniadika, making a turn where the main road leads to these remote beaches. Needless to say that you need to go to Agios Lefteris well prepared with basic provisions for food and stay. This is the cost of seclusion and privacy!

How to get to Agios Ledteris Beach