Ideal choice to escape from everyday life

The more autumn, the more our desire for trips and walks close to Attica increases. To enjoy nature, to see new places, and to relax by escaping the routine of everyday life. And Nemea is the place where you can enjoy it. An autumn weekend you should definitely put on the schedule. The fact that it is close to Athens makes it one of the ideal options for a short and beautiful trip. One-day trip.

Nemea, the myth, and the history

Nemea is a town in the prefecture of Corinthia. It is built at an altitude of 370 meters and amphitheatrically on the slopes of Mount Prophet Elias. From the first moment, you will be there you will be thrilled with the beauty of the landscape but also with the story that unfolds slowly in front of your eyes. But of course with mythology. Everyone knows, after all, that it is mythologically linked to the first achievement of Hercules who drowned the lion. It is also mythologically linked to the Nemea which, together with Isthmia, Pythia, and the Olympic Games, constituted the cycle of the sacred Panhellenic games of antiquity.

As for its name, Nemea received it from the homonymous Nymph who was the daughter of the Asopos river which crosses the valley of the area. Its history unfolds in the depths of the centuries. Findings and excavations over the years showed that Nemea has been inhabited since prehistoric times. However, until 1923 the area was called Agios Georgios by the homonymous Byzantine church. The name Nemea is mentioned for the first time in 1840 in GG 19A-07/06/1834 with the creation of the municipality of Nemea. It was established after World War II.

Nemea one-day trip

Nemea: the place you should visit for an autumn weekend

Nemea should be one of your autumn getaways this year. A one-day trip close to Athens, or even a weekend that will relax you and fill your batteries. You will walk in nature, you will meet beautiful places and hospitable people, and you will eat good food.
Don’t forget:
Try the local and very famous wine of Nemea.
Visit the Sanctuary of Dios at the Archaeological Site.
The distance of Nemea from Athens is only 110 km and you can see where it is HERE.