The element that makes this sandy beach stand out in the Cyclades Islands

The beaches of Greece always fascinate you with their speciality and their, usually, crystal clear waters. Others in larger islands and others in smaller ones, also in mainland Greece, they stand out for their beauty. One of them is Kolona beach in Kythnos.

The beach of Kolona is special mainly because of its geomorphological specificity. In fact, it is a sandy beach about 240 meters long, connecting the island of Kythnos with a small rocky island. That of St. Luke’s. The strip of sand that connects the two landmasses resembles a column, so, apparently, comes the name. The sea borders on both sides of the sand strip, resulting in two beaches with a common sandy beach, creating a special image.

Kolona, the special beach with the crystal clear waters

The beach of Kolona has clear blue waters and rich golden sand. It is ideal for enjoying endless swimming in its crystal clear waters, surrounded by this beautiful landscape. In addition, due to its position, both sides are protected from the wind. So, it’s extremely rare for you not to enjoy your swim.

Kolona: The beautiful beach and the first surprise you have when you see it

What you need to know is it’s not an organized beach, so, it is good to arrive with the essentials. At the western end of the “sand column” on the rocky island, is the chapel of Agios Loukas (St. Luke), and going up the path you can enjoy the panoramic view and preserve the image of the impressive beach and its bay.

More generally, wherever you stand, you will be impressed by the beauty of the place and you will definitely take many photos to remember the experience. What’s certain is that you’ll be back soon…