If you are looking for something different for your Sunday swim in Attica, you must explore and discover and enjoy small and beautiful beaches that will win you over and make you a permanent admirer. Others beaches further away and others closer to the center of Athens, the sure thing is that you can find what suits you the best. And that depends on whether you’re looking for shallow or deeper waters, natural shadow, or something more or less organized. One of the good but unknown to many is the beach of Kiteza in Attica.

There you will find shallow and clear waters and enjoy your swim on an open sandy beach. And all that, less than an hour away from Athens.

Kiteza, the lesser known beach in Attica

Kiteza is one of the less popular beaches in Attica but is popular with its local residents. The beautiful and stretched sandy beach is located just below Athens-Sounio Avenue and you will have no difficulty finding it from the signs. To see exactly where it is and use if you want gps you can click HERE and see the Google map.

Once you get there, especially if it’s not crowded, you’ll park easily and get ready for your dives. The beach has sand in a fairly comfortable area. This means that no matter how crowded , you will always be comfortable where you choose to put your strawmat and your umbrella. Also scattered you will find armyrikia for natural shade. Find the spot you like and enjoy a beautiful and quiet one-day trip.

Kiteza: The beach in Attica with shallow and clear waters

Photo Source: Google Maps

The shallow and always clean waters are ideal for young children and the sand enjoyable for endless play. You’re going to enjoy it with all your heart, and it won’t be the last time you go there. Its proximity, to Athens is an additional incentive.

In the wider area around Kiteza beach you will find everything you need for having a pleasant day. There are small shops to buy whatever you want and taverns to eat your lunch.

If you haven’t swam at Kiteza Beach in Attica, the sure thing is that a test will convince you…

External photography source: Google Maps