Visit Telendos and be transported back in the time of no mass tourism

Telendos is that striking-cone islet rising abruptly from the sea a few hundred metres from the west coast of Kalymnos. It’s connected to Myrties by a small boat service running every 20 or so minutes in the summer, and maybe twice a day in the winter.Be prepared to share the space on the boat with local fishermen and their boxes and blankets. The locals are invariably polite, as they have yet to be spoiled by the mass tourism industry. During the few minutes’ crossing, and if the water is calm, you can see the submerged ruins of a settlement destroyed by an earthquake in the 6th century BC.

Telendos has got very few inhabitants (about 50) and they are all concentrated in a small fishing settlement. It does not have any roads, so it is free from traffic and pollution. Alongside its tiny port, you can see a number of taverns and cafes that serve traditional Greek food. The islet offers basic amenities for tourists and there are only a few rooms to let.

How to get to Telendos Island