Explore beautiful Kalymnos by car, bus or taxi and you will definitely come back!

There are three main ways of getting around Kalymnos — driving, bus and taxi. If you arrive on a ferry with your own car, a decent map of the island is enough to help you find where you want to go. The roads, however, tend to be narrow and careful driving is a must, especially around the hairpin bends.

The bus service on Kalymnos is pretty rudimentary, connecting only the port with the main village communities. Service is regular but infrequent, and you need to know schedule times in advance. A taxi is more flexible, but of course more expensive, and even more so if you need to call one from a remote location. Car rental rates on Kalymnos are very reasonable, though in summer it’s vital to book a vehicle well in advance, as the number of cars available for rent is limited on such a small island. A third way of getting around the seaside spots is to hire a caique from the main port, but that applies only in calm weather conditions.