There are simple, plain, beaches in Attica. And there are beaches, in Attica, that you want to go and stay there, not for days, but for hours. The hidden and more famous diamonds are a breath away from Athens and can make your summertime more pleasant and even without having to travel far. The options are many as long as you are willing to explore the smaller beaches that may not be so famous but will leave you the best of impressions. One of them is Kalopigado beach. Put it on your program and you’ll see that we’re right in telling you to do so.

Kalopigado: A dream beach in Attica

You’ll hear it also called Vromopoussi In fact, its name comes from the Albanian word pussi which means well, i.e. Bromopigado (dirty well). However, it is now customarily called Kalopigado. But it’s not the name that makes this beach special. It is much more, its the sandy beach and its clear blue and crystal clear waters that attract you.

This is a very quiet beach that fascinates you and you wonder why you had not located it earlier to spend your Sundays there happily.

Every time we visited it, it was not windy and this is probably due to the fact that it is very protected from the rocks. It is a relatively small beach so if you do not want a lot of people, it is better to avoid peak days and hours. Kalopigado beach in Attica is ideal for families and, in large part, is organized. Definitely on the list of the most beautiful beaches of Attica that have shallow waters.

In Kalopigado or Bromopousi there is also plenty of parking space on the side of the port.

Kalopigado: The quiet beach of Attica with the clear waters1

Photo Source: Google Maps This beach in Keratea of Attica is the ultimate getaway from everyday life without any exaggeration. What makes it, certainly, even more attractive is that it is located about 60 km from the centre of Athens. So you can easily go there for a one-day excursion. A quiet beach with blue waters next to you.

When you begin your excursion towards it, keep in mind that it is in the homonymous settlement of Keratea. You won’t have a hard time tracking it.

Kalopigado is the beach in Attica that you will love from the first moment. External photography source: Google Maps