Within walking distance of Athens and without spending a lot of money to visit

The cost of summer holidays is often a deterrent for organizing an escape. However, if you prepare well and do an investigation, then you may be able to secure a much more economical holiday than you thought. Transportation and accommodation are two of the main costs as what you eat and how much you spend on your food is largely up to you and is more easily regulated. If you won’t get too far from Athens, we recommend the islands with the cheapest ferry tickets.


Noble and special Andros is quite close despite the fact that many do not know it and feel that it is more distant This is also confirmed by the cost of the ticket which is 19.50 euros. In two hours from the port of Rafina you will be in Andros and you will be preparing to eat fresh fish in the beautiful and famous Batsi.


The nearby favorite of the Cyclades or the colored one as they usually call it has so economical ferry that you won’t think twice about going. There you will also find affordable accommodation. We recommend the village of Merichas which has everything and is in a focal point. The cost to go to Kythnos is 15 euros per person and you will find a ferry that will take you from Lavrio in just 1.5 hours. Κύθνο Are you thinking of something better?

Aegina island

The island next door is more than an hour from the port of Piraeus. In addition to quickly Aegina, you’re going to go economical, since you can choose either the conventional ferry that is at 8 euros or the well-known “dolphin” which will have you at your destination in 40 minutes having paid only 13 euros. Itineraries are many so you’ll find it easy even if you decide at the last minute.

Agistri island

Four islands next to Athens ideal for weekend3

Photo Source: www.agistri-island.gr


Photo Source: Gourgoulas

It may not be the island of cheap accommodation but surely access is very economical for the Kea. You will take the boat from Lavrio, you will pay 11 euros and in a short time you will be in this noble corner of the Cyclades. If you make a good deal as fas as it concerns accommodation, then you will have achived a wonderful escape.

The islands near Athens offer you the opportunity for economic holidays and at the same time away from everyday life. By paying, moreover, cheap ferries you can extend the days of your stay on these islands.


Ticket prices are one way and are without a vehicle. If you have a motorcycle license you can turn most islands like this or rent your vehicle there especially if you want to take many long walks.

External photography source: andros.gr