Relaxed swimming nearby but also… so close!

Often you want to take a one-day trip to swim near your house but you feel like you’ve gone a little further. To make a trip out of Attica but close enough to allow you to be at home the same night.. And yet you can do it a lot easier than you can imagine. All you need to do is to be organized so you know where you’re going and have everything you need with you. So even if you don’t find a shop open or want to go to a more private beach, not to be hard. The one-day trip out of Attica is not such a difficult affair and it is more likely that you will have a very good time.

Punta Achaia

With the improvement of the road network, the beaches of Achaia are now much closer to Attica which means that you can more easily arrange a one-day trip for swimming. Punta Beach is one of the very good choices you can make and have a great time. Because it is one of the best if not the best beach of Corinthian. Apart from the crystal clear waters and the green background it offers you, this beach also has a very beautiful view. It’s also big enough so you don’t have to worry about overcrowding. The beach is in some places organized but remains calm.

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Saranti Beach

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We are transported to the upper side of Corinthian where is just as beautiful. Sarantis beach reminds you more of an island than mainland Greece. This particular beach you will find there where Viotia ends up in the sea. It is a beautiful pebbled beach with crystal clear and calm waters. The most important thing is that you will find it just an hour and a half away from Athens. The area also has affordable accommodation in case you want to spend the night there.

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Siderona of Corinth

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If you’ve never been to that beach, then you’re definitely missing. What are you missing? An idyllic green environment, clear waters, quietness, and the opportunity to swim until the sun goes down. Siderona is a small and not well-known beach where you will happen if you go too early to swim even on your own. It is a pebbled beach next to Athens and closes to the most famous beach In Almyri. In fact, the beach is separated by just a few trees that end up in the sea. This one-day trip is sure you will like to do it again

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The ideal beach for swimming out of Attica which however seems to be so close. It’s Vrahati or else the cosmopolitan corner of the Peloponnese which is only 12 kilometers west of Corinth and 93 kilometers away from Athens. You’ll need less than two hours driving from the new highway from Patras. Before you know it – you’ll enjoy your swim in crystal clear blue waters. The beach of Vrachati has thin pebble as sand, but it is not sandy.

See exactly where the beach is HERE.

The beautiful beaches near Athens that are not in Attica have many to offer, as long as you feel like discovering them…