The island of contrasts that offers you everything

The Greek islands and Greek beaches have been distinguished many times worldwide for their beauty and their special characteristics. Each new distinction, then, comes to be added to this long list. This time the international journalistic website Insider created the list of the 100 most impressive islands in the world and of course from it could not be missing a Greek island. Admittedly one of the most beautiful Greek islands that the latest years the tourist traffic has been increased in it. And this island is Ios!

Ios, the Greek island on the list of the 100 most impressive in the world

Ios is, therefore, the island that entered the list of the most impressive islands in the world on the news site The article refers to the island proposing it unreservedly for a holiday. As it refers is the island of Cyclades with a unique aura but also for the special nightlife it offers. Except for this article, Ios starred in a multi-page tribute to the Italian magazine Dove entitled “Greece, we will be back soon!”

Ios is surrounded by Naxos, Paros, and Santorini and offers a unique experience to its visitors. That’s why it’s got big fans. It offers both relaxations, beautiful beaches, attractions, good food, and hospitality.

It can and combines in total harmony its cosmopolitan character with a calm side for those who want greater isolation.

The Greek island that entered the list of the 100 most impressive in the world

Photo Source: Vag.stefan

In other words, you can find organized beaches and beach bars and on the other hand wonderful lyre alleys and cafes with traditional architecture. Where you can enjoy a Greek coffee in an idyllic spot and in the evening you can change the scenery by enjoying the nightlife of the island.

What you shouldn’t miss on the island

Mylopotas: The beach - petal with all shades of blue

Don’t miss the view from the town which spreads amphitheatrically on the hill that dominates the island and ensures a unique view of the Aegean Sea.

Beach we recommend: Mylopotas. We could tell you a lot about this particular beach, but we have already written about it You can read about it HERE.

Location for sunset view: In Panagia Gremiotissa. If you ask, they’ll tell you where it is located, right away. It is built in a prominent spot and dominates the high hill of the town. From there the sunset is a dream and you will enjoy the view up to Sikinos.

For all these reasons and for even more, Ios has been placed on the list of the most impressive islands in the world. And not unfairly, as it turns out. Ios is the Greek island you will never forget!

External photography source: Gzseminar / Gzseminar