Turquoise waters and golden sand that they will be unforgettable

When you travel to the Cyclades, you often think you are in an exotic destination away from Greece. And there are certainly islands that stand out for their beaches, the purity of the waters and the golden sand. Koufonisia is the destination where you will find beaches with crystal clear waters and you will remember them when you leave one by one. Koufonisia and their exotic beaches stand out not only in Greece but also in the world.

Koufonisia differ because they combine the wild, raw beauty that spreads around you, with the calm and serenity you feel looking at the scattered white houses and the blue waters. Especially the beaches are probably the most important reason why you should visit Koufonisia.


Phoenix beach is the first beach that you will meet if you follow the coastal path of the island. It is about 3 km from the town. It has a large area with golden sand and blue waters. Many people visit it and it is suitable for families. A beach, a dream…

Ammos Beach

Koufonisia and their exotic beaches

Ammos beach is the beach of the town, one of the largest of the island, near the port. It is more organized than the others in Ano Koufonisi. It has wonderful sand, transparent turquoise waters, and many shops around it. It is suitable for families and young people.


Koufonisia and their exotic beaches1

Pori is the largest and most beautiful beach in Ano Koufonisi. It’s not organized. It is the most isolated beach, and about six kilometers from the town. The asphalt road is in good condition. When you visit it, you’ll compare it to the exotic beaches of the Caribbean. The environment is magical while it has a shallow sea with turquoise waters and fine golden sand. When the weather permits and there’s air, the area gathers a lot of surfers. Around the beach, there are 2 beach bars that provide snacks and cool drinks to enjoy your swim.


Koufonisia and their exotic beaches2

The most famous and one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is about 3 km from the town and as they say, it has the most transparent waters in all the Cyclades. The Italida can be described as a quiet beach, although in the summer time it is visited by many people.


It is an open cave that communicates with the sea through a narrow pass. It is 3 km from the town. It is called Gala from the foams that create the waves when they enter the inner of the cave. There you can hear the beautiful whisper that pebbles make when the water draws them. The route to Gala is in some parts difficult, but the view you will see once you reach the beach It’s worthy!

Photo Source: e-koufonisia.com