A true diamond in the Smaller Cyclades

Greek summer means sun, sea, blue coasts and Mediterranean flavours. It is ideal when all these are combined together in a quiet place you’ve probably never been before. As are some of the islands of Greece. Small in size but so charming, that if you go there once, it certainly won’t be the last time. One such island is the island of the Sun, the small but well-known Schinoussa. An island that makes you forget words like stress, banks, obligations and circulation. It’s an island that reminds you of what a genuine Greek summer should be like. For that, all 18 beautiful beaches that the island of the Sun has, will take care.

Schinoussa, the island of the Sun

It is not called the island of the Sun by accident, as Schinoussa shines in its every corner. From the sea and the sand to its white houses, everything shimmers under the bright sun in a way that magnetizes you. The small one of the Cyclades is located south of Naxos and there are not a few people who have Naxos as a base for their vacation and make excursions to get to know Schinoussa.

But this island is also suitable for something more. And this to spend some of the most carefree vacations of your life. Don’t expect to take endless car rides trying in order to get to know the whole island. Why? Because it is a lilliputian island that you can know quite easily and with no trouble. Consider that the area the island of the sun has with its unique beaches is about 9 square kilometres all in all. Its settlements are only two, Chora and Messaria.

The walk in the country is a classic Cycladic aura experience. The architecture, the whitewashed houses and the flowery shores offer you exactly what you expect. The picturesque Chora of Schinoussa is just one kilometre away from the port of the island and a wonderful view to the endless blue of the sea and sky.

The beautiful 18 beaches of the island

The Greek island of The Sun with its 18 beautiful beaches1

Photo Source: www.schinousa.com

They 18, but each one is different than the next! The beaches on the island of the Sun have exotic, crystal clear water. It’s hard to find something like it. What struck us in Schinoussa is that all the beaches have golden-white sand and blue waters. In fact, most do not have any organization making the swimming experience there even more pure and special.

The most famous beach of the island is Livadi which offers turquoise waters and golden sand that shimmers under the sunlight. You get a strong sunset experience in this secluded corner of the Aegean Sea. We singled out (like many others did) the beach of Aligariafor its beauty.

Don’t forget

The Greek island of The Sun with its 18 beautiful beaches2

Photo Source: www.schinoussa.gr

We tried and we highly recommend it. Take the boat from the island of The Sun and go around the island. There, you will see even more impressive beaches such as Sifneiko and Gerolimnionas. Do not hesitate to dive from the coves you will see and enjoy this side of the island, which is the wildest and most hidden…