Crystal clear waters and golden sand an hour away from the center of Athens

Looking on the Αττικής coast of Attica for long beaches to take a comfortable swim without being affected by the crowds, you will find that you have many good choices. Clear waters and golden sand await you and your family, for a relaxed and pleasant one-day stay.

Large beaches even an hour away from the center of Athens, offer you what you need in the heat of the summer. In most cases you also find parking very comfortable.

So if you don’t want to choose a more deserted and remote beach, you can visit a more spacious and spread out beach and have great time without feeling surrounded by lots of people. Here are four of the very good options you have.

psatha beach

One of the most popular beaches of Attica that will delight you. It is located under the dense pine forest of Mount patera, in the Corinthian Gulf and is ideal for families. It is about 1 hour from Athens and as soon as you arrive you will encounter clean, crystal clear waters and pebbles that sparkle under the Attic sun. Because it is long, it leaves no room for crowding; you will surely enjoy your dives and it will become your hangout easily for all that it offers. Ideal beach for your Sunday stroll.


Harakas beach is huge and specifically one of the largest in Attica. It’s shallow, with sand and plenty of space. It is located on the border of the Municipalities of Lavrio and Keratea, 65 km from the center of Athens. It is undoubtedly a wonderful beach with enough peace and quiet, suitable for your first dives. The waters of Haraka are crystal clear, and while the beach is endless for children to enjoy. In the summer, you will certainly go more than once or twice.


It is a beach that has been awarded for the last 10 years with a Blue Flag. The long beach of Brexiza in Nea Makri is named after the archaeological site – a temple dedicated to the Egyptian Gods – and is an excellent choice for a quick visit with the children. Sandy and comfortable it takes you on a journey to exotic places with the impressive palm trees that cool it with their shade. On the boardwalk by the beach you can also walk or run with your bike.


Heading towards Sounio and just before you reach the idyllic Temple of Posidon you will meet the equally idyllic beach of Legreina with the blue waters and the special landscape. It is an extremely spacious beach, in length and width,without crowds and facilities,with everything you need and the children to enjoying your swim and while keeping the necessary distances from the other swimmers

Equip yourself with a good mood and get ready for a dip next to your house…

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