A small oasis in the capital of Greece

A verdant area, 49 acres large, that is definitely an oasis in the bustling city of Athens. And surely, Goudi Park is shaped into becoming exactly that. An organized recreation center and a sports area, where the Athenians find a way out, traversing only a few kilometers.

Entering from the main entrance, you have the opportunity to choose which path or pedestrian route you would like to follow. Each one will to take you to a different part of the park. If you choose the main route, you will come to the preserved two-storey classical building which is in the north section of the Park. It used to be an Army Command. In the middle of the main route, there is also a small circular roundabout.

The impressive water route in the Goudi Park

What makes Goudi Park stand out is its impressive water route. It has the form of a small river that springs as a waterfall from the location of the children’s playground. You can see it ending up in the north section at the height of the preserved building. The water route is about 300 meters long and two wooden bridges have been installed there to give access to the visitors.

The Goudi Park is a place that will astonish you with its many variations in its natural landscape. In one place you find low level vegetation and, suddenly, in another, you see tall trees in front of you. Of course there is no shortage of grassland for leisurely walks all year round.

What you can do in the Park

Apart from the endless walks in open air, the Goudi Park is also ideal for sports activities. Walking down the aisles you will meet the various courts that are there which are football fields and tennis courts and the like. There are also fitness equipment and a children’s playground. If you just want just to have a walk, you can find many benches for youn to rest.

What the kids enjoy mostly, in the park – and the adults as well – is biking. So, next time, take your bike and make a ride in the little green oasis that is in the center of Athens.

Photo Source: attiko-prasino.gr