A hidden secret of Greece that only sailors knew about it a little while ago

Greece is full of sandy beaches and dreamy coasts. With crystal clear blue waters that make you think you’re in a foreign and exotic destination. Some of them are well known and others are less. A beach that you will definitely want to visit when you see it and you will want to swim in its waters. The reason for Vathiavali beach located in Aitoloakarnania. Images speak for themselves, especially when you look at them from above.

Vathiavali beach is located just a few kilometers from the equally beautiful Palero in Aitoloakarnania. Very close to Pogonia. So there you will see a beach that looks a lot like the exotic side of Lefkada. It could be, after all, many many years ago part of Lefkada. The whole scenery with the green landscape and the white sand it reminds you of Lefkada.

Vathiavali has the crystal clear and turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea in combination with a virgin green landscape. It was a beach unknown for many years. In the latest φορές, of course, it gained more and more fanatical visitors who choose this particular beach for their swimming. Only the sailors knew this secret coast with the exotic look.

The beach is partly organized and you will find umbrellas and sunbeds there. There are always places, though, to put your own equipment, umbrella, and fish. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your swimming whenever you will visit it. Since 2013 there is also a canteen where you can buy anything you want.

How to get to Vathiavali Beach

The exotic beach of Aitoloakarnania is not easily accessible and for this reason, it was for many years isolated and with a few visitors. See here exactly where he is. If you find yourself in Aitoloakarnania and you ask the locals it will be very easy now to be there.

Vathiavali is located, essentially after Agios Ioannis and the Varko.

The Video of the Haanity channel on Youtube will give you a taste…