Even if you don’t leave for a multi-day summer vacation, escaping on weekends to a nearby destination can renew you as much as you can imagine. Small islands near Athens, even an hour away will make you enter a holiday mood from the first moment you set foot there. I mean, you don’t have to go too far or spend a lot of money on a ferry to have a good summer weekend.

In mygreece.tv we recommend four islands near Athens that are ideal for spending a weekend…

Poros island

An island just a stone’s throw from Athens that you’ll have so much fun that you’ll make it a hangout. If you take the speedboat in an hour you’ll be there starting from Piraeus. Poros is the island where you can take a relaxing and carefree holiday. A calm green island in Argosaronikos ideal for a short getaway from Athens.It has beaches and attractions and nice food shops. It may be a small island but you will find many beaches and very easily accessible. Poros is actually two islands, Kalauria and Spheria, most beaches will be found in the first. You will find beaches with sand and fine pebbles all with crystal clear waters. If you like new attractions all the time, Poros is the island that will offer you this.

Tip: Book in time because weekends disappear quickly.

Agistri island

Four islands next to Athens ideal for weekend3

Photo Source: www.agistri-island.gr

Agistri is the island for relaxation and meditation. Within 48 hours you can explore and love this island next to Athens. Agistri is only an hour away from the port of Piraeus and you can get there two ways. Either you take the flay dolphin or the ferry. The first one has you there at 55 minutes and the second in an hour and a half. with a flay dolphin, or by ferry. Whatever choice you make you will spend a weekend on a green island with crystal clear waters and relaxed good times. We suggest you stay in Skala if you want to live the vibrancy of the island and keep it all for you.

Tip: Agistri is ideal if you like walking and you can walk the entire island.

Hydra island

Four islands next to Athens ideal for weekend

Photo Source: Nikos Laskaridis

The mansion Hydra of Argosaronikos is the island that leaves everyone speachlles You will arrive there in an hour and a half from Piraeus and spend a weekend that will look like a week of vacation. You will go to Hydra if you want to spend a cosmopolitan weekend near Athens. You will walk in the picturesque alleys as well as “boats rides” around the island. Generally it is not an island that will disappoint you Strong sell of the island is also its gastronomy since you will taste interesting and sweet flavors.

Tip: Find out where the area with the 7 windmills is and go to enjoy the unique view.

Aegina island

Four islands next to Athens ideal for weekends1

Photo Source: aeginatoday.gr

It will take just an hour by ferry to reach from Piraeus to the island of Aegina. An ideal destination for summer weekends. Aegina offers everything without having to be at the center of the buzz of intense tourist traffic. Aegina has quiet beaches and beautiful hiking routes. It’s the neighbor of Attica that you’ll choose over and over again for a leisurely weekend and you’ll think you’ve gone somewhere far away.

Tip: Don’t leave unless you buy the famous pistachios.

External photography source: visitporos.com