Ideal beaches for play and safe swimming

The beaches of Attica very often surprise us with their beauty and the fact that they offer clear and shallow waters, a breath away from the center of Athens. If you are preparing for a weekend outing with the children then you are probably looking for one of these shallow beaches so that children can play safely. In addition, many Αττική beaches in Attica which, in addition to shallow waters, offer spread fine sand. In addition to the large beaches you can be comfortable without having to sit very close with other people.

See below five beautiful beaches in Attica with shallow waters

Pine Forest of Schinia

The beach of Schinia is particularly popular for summer swimming. It is not by chance one of the most famous and crowded beaches of Attica. But it’s so big you’ll always find room to put on your towel without being disturbed and bothered. It also has an organized section for those who want to find everything ready and enjoy their coffee before taking their first dip in the sea. What is certain is that wherever place you stop you will find shallow water and vast sand for a long and safe beach games.

Mikro Kavouri

Five beautiful beaches in Attica with shallow waters1

Another beach that will leave you the best impressions is the mikro kavouri From the moment that you get out of your house in Athens, you’ll be there in almost no time. And you’ll enjoy the shallow water, the games in the sand and the shade of the trees. kavouri is an organized beach and has as nice bonus the wonderful sunset; it is located in the area of Vouliagmeni and you will find it very easy


Five beautiful beaches in Attica with shallow waters3

We go to Sounio and stop at the bay of Agia Marina. A beach half and half as we say, since it is somewhat organized and in a more relaxed pace. We chose the second version and we laid our towel in the sand. Loubarda came to fulfill our dreams of swimming in clean, shallow and turquoise waters. It didn’t take an hour to get to one of the most beautiful spots in the Varkiza region. This particular beach is one of those that will almost never be disturbed by the wind as it is so made by nature, and protected from the weather.


Five beautiful beaches in Attica with shallow waters5

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Vravrona beach is quite popular for families. It is close to Markopoulo, where you will find 2-3 beaches that they are neat and clean. The first one that you see, stop. And it has everything Shade from the trees, fine sand and shallow water. Next door there is a beach for older children.


xarakas is the last long beach before Sounio. You’ll spot her early before you get there, since she’s got a little uphill just before the boats . It is an endless beach that has sand but also clear and shallow waters. It’s so big that you’ll definitely feel comfortable in terms of space while the kids will enjoy playing. Clean and shallow water, sand in large area, and children free to build castles and run. What else do you want for this weekend?

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