A dream-beach that looks like it came out of a fairy tale

Exploring Greece, we discover some idyllic, exotic and unimaginable places that we would never think they might exist in our country. Very often, in fact, these places are next to us, not more than two hours away. Like a beach that has, not unfairly, been described as the “Blue Lagoon” of Greece. It is located just 2.5 hours away from Athens and is like a dream scenery. We are talking about the beach of Thapsa in Euboea.

Thapsa: The “Blue Lagoon” of Greece

It may be one of the most difficult to approach beaches in Euboea but the outcome is, no doubt, rewarding as soon as you get there. It is one of the beaches that stand out in Greece, a real diamond, and is well hidden next to Athens so that most people don’t even know of its existence. The magical beach of Thapsa, is located in central Euboea, about 95 km from Chalkis, near Kymi.

It is not coincidental that it is called the “Blue Lagoon” of Greece. This particular beach is in a natural landscape and the fact that approaching it is difficult, prevented the alteration and destruction of the landscape by mankind while maintaining this unique natural beauty. The water of the beach is green while the trees reach down to the sea. The mountainside ends right by the sea!

It’s a beach suitable for peace and relaxation. Take with you all you need early on and go spend some time there that will be unforgettable for you. This diamond beach in Euboea proves that Greece is filled with hidden beautiful places waiting to be discovered. We stay in Greece, find the destination that is for us and discover all its hidden treasures.

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How to get to Thapsa beach, next to Athens

The route is not difficult to reach Theapsa beach, the “Blue Lagoon” of Greece, except when you are in the final stage of your approach. The distance from Athens is 2.5 hours and the main thing is to reach Chalkis (the capital of Euboea). Starting from Chalkis you head to Kimi. You follow the road to Konistres and continue on to the village of Maletianoi. You stay on the road to Kymi-Metochi until you see to the right a dirt road going to Tsilaros beach. You should know that for the last 10 kilometres or so, you will drive on a bad dirt road.