Clear waters peace and quietness next to Athens

As we explore Attica we discover new unknown beaches that we can escape for a one day trip. Larger beaches or smaller, organized or not, with sand or pebbles. Find what you like and prepare your stuff for a trip! One of these beaches of Attica that interested us is an unknown relative beach called Douni Island. It is located in southwest Attica and really is an eye-catching sight. Most likely after your first visit will be followed by many swimming days on this particular sandy beach.

Douni Island: The beach of Attica with the fluffy sand

Douni Island beach is what we call the nearby paradise next to Athens. A beach with crystal clear waters and fluffy fine sand. This is not an organized beach, which means you have to take with you the equipment and everything you need. Probably, you’ll stay there all day and you will enjoy the sunset.

It is not a very long beach but you will definitely find free space to put your umbrella and enjoy the sun and the sea. If you are a great swimmer you can also swim to the opposite island

There, you’re probably going to take your dives completely on your own. Whatever you choose, the sure thing is that swimming on this beach won’t disappoint you.Douni Island: The unknown beach of Attica with its fluffy fine sand2

How to get to Douni Island beach

It is neither difficult nor time-consuming to reach this beach. It is located near the famous Althea beach near Agia Marina. To see exactly where the beach is, click HERE. You’ll see the spot and how you can approach it easily. On the island of Douni in Attica you will easily find a place to park your car even on weekends. So you don’t have to worry about your trip either. Find a free day and start getting to know it, either alone or with friends or with your family.Douni Island: The unknown beach of Attica with the fluffy fine sand

Important: From time to time, sea urchins may appear on the beach so it is a good thing to keep an eye on the rocks.