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The Shipwreck of Zakynthos is the most famous in Greece but it is not the only one in our country. There is another one in the Cyclades. What is the Cycladic island that has its own unknown shipwreck? Amorgos! There is the wreck from the ship “Olympia” whose history is not particularly well known. Apart from swimming on the beautiful beaches of the island, you can also experience this special sight.

On the lower side of Amorgos apart from the beaches, you will find this mysterious sight in the bay of Liveros. It is a shipwreck that counts for six decades. It is the shipwreck – ship “Olympia” with the Cypriot flag that was built in 1950.

History (and the locals) say that that day was a day with a very strong north wind. The ship’s captain was trying to find and approach a spot with less wind. However, there was a wrong movement in its attempt to throw anchor causing it to anchor onto the rocks. So now there is this wreck. The shipwreck which also impressed the creator of the film Infinite Blue, Luc Besson who chose it as the setting for this film.

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If you find yourself in Amorgos and you see it up close you will see that on its bow there is a relief of its old name: “Inland”. The images cause awe but also a mystery around the carcass of the ship. You’ll find out for yourself if you’re there.

In Amorgos one of the most impressive monasteries in Greece

Apart from the strange shipwreck, in Amorgos there is also one of the most impressive monasteries in Greece. The reason for the Virgin Of Hozoviotissa.

Amorgos and Panagia Hozoviotissa

The monastery of Panagia of Hozoviotissa is built on the wild mountain hills of Amorgos. It seems to hang literally next to the void, having a unique view of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. The monastery was built in 1088 and renovated by the Emperor of Byzantium Alexios Komnenos. According to the legend has the location was chosen by the Virgin Mary herself.

So this is the second thing we suggest you see if you’re in Amorgos and you won’t lose…

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