An island atmospheric and special

Each Greek island has its own peculiarities and unknown details. However, the more we explore them, the more we know interesting information and truths that we did not know before. Like for example what is the Greek island which has no snakes at all? You may have heard it, but you may not be able to believe it’s happening. And yet an island has a reputation of the Greek location that does not have a single snake. What’s that? Of course Astypalaia. Which has no snakes and at the same time you have many reasons to visit it?

Astypalaia, then, the Butterfly of the Aegean as they call it does not have this particular reptile something that has been witnessed for hundreds of years. If you ask the locals, they’ll tell you this has been going on since ancient times. Characteristic is that this fact is also mentioned by Aristotle in his paper. He wrote himself that: the enemy snake does not exist in the land of Astypalaia. It is said that the only explanation that can be given to this fact is that the storks flying over the island… They’re disappearing the snakes.

An urban myth even says that while some ecologists once tried to leave snakes there, they did not seem to have survived and reproduced. If you find yourself on the island 99%, well, you won’t see anyone on your way.

A destination that provides everything.

Astypalaia is the island that won’t let you down on your vacation. It has natural beauties, beautiful beaches, and good food. What else do you need to have a good time? The alternative and atmospheric Astypalaia offers you quietness and many relaxing moments. It is the island of the Dodecanese that you will pass completely differently than you are used to on any other island of this complex.

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In Astypalaia, in addition to the beautiful beaches, you can visit three caves. We strongly recommend that you visit the Dragon Cave. You will pass by the famous and beautiful fishing village Vathi from where you will take the boat. That’s where you might get to take swimming with dolphins, even with seals. What is certain is that it will be an experience that you will never forget.

Astypalaia is famous for the Castle of Astroplias. It has been standing there since the 14th century and you will have the opportunity to enjoy from there a unique beauty overlooking the ports of the island. The castle is ideal for romantic walks and idyllic evenings with the moon’s background. The walk there is in itself an experience.

And all this having visited the Greek island that has no snakes. Beautiful Astypalaia is waiting for you…

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