In the summer Zaros is a cool refuge for rare birds and people alike

Zaros is a particularly attractive, refreshingly unspoilt village famous for its spring water, which is now bottled and sold all over Crete. Various excavations in the region indicate that the Minoans and the Romans settled here, lured by the abundant supply of fresh water. The focal point of Zaros is the small lake that forms part of a wetland where a number of rare birds and other wildlife take refuge. Some cafes front the lake, which has become an ideal refuge for people as well, especially on hot summer evenings.

For the lovers of action, the Agiou Nikolaou Gorge is the ideal choice. The path starts at the Zaros lake and passes by many interesting places, starting with the Agiou Nikolaou Monastery, 900 metres further down. About 2,5 kilometres down the path you will find the entrance to the canyon which leads to the amazing forest of Rouvas, one of the few oak forests in Greece.

How to get to Zaros Village in Heraklion Region