In the Museum of Woodcraft at Axos you will see sculptures made from dried up trees

The Museum of Woodcraft of Axos, is located at the entrance of Axos village, on the foothills of Mount Ida (“Psiloritis”), an one-hour drive from Rethymno and Heraklion.

It is housed in a two-story venue covering 300 m² and includes the permanent collection of sculptor George Koutantos, composed of more than one hundred sculptures, handmade art works made with a hammer and chisel.

Some of the sculptures are even presented in larger dimensions than the original, such as “The Eagle and the Serpent”, approximately six meters in length, “My Parents and I”, approximately three meters in height, “Little Mermaid”, approximately five meters in length, and so on.

The wood used for the sculptures has been collected from all around Crete and mostly comes from dried up trees or trees that had been uprooted by natural disasters.

How to get to the Woodcraft Museum in Rethymno Region