Port of Souda: The natural and strategic port of Western Crete

Souda is located in western Crete, 6 km east of the city of Chania and south of the Akrotiri peninsula. With the city center of Chania it is connected with frequent bus routes as well as buses KTEL. Chania Airport is also a short distance away.

On the northern coast of the bay it is forbidden to approach ships and boats because there are Greek and NATO naval bases.

In the southwest part of the bay there is the harbor and the main passenger and commercial port of Chania and western Crete since the early 20th century, when the old harbor of Chania was abandoned.

If you arrive by ferry to Chania, you will arrive at Souda. The harbor has all year round, daily direct ferry connection to the port of Piraeus, while during the summer months, besides the evening it is added one daily.

West of Souda lies the city of Chania, which encircles the stunning old town of Chania with the old Venetian harbor.

North lies the large Akrotiri peninsula with its windy beaches and important historical and religious monuments.

Southeastern is the wonderful area of Apokoronas with its picturesque traditional villages and some of the seaside resorts of the prefecture of Chania.

Most of the sightseeing around the bay of Souda are directly linked to the great natural harbor that has been, through the ages, a strategic point of the Eastern Mediterranean, either for commercial or military purposes. Also due to the location of Crete, it is on the “passage” of the ships from the Suez Canal to the Western Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

There you can visit the Archaeological Site of Aptera, the Fortezza Fortress in Souda Island, the Koule of Aptera, the Itzedin Fortress and the Allied Cemetery of the World War II.

Below you can find useful information about the Port of Souda: https://www.mygreece.tv/crete-crete-the-port-of-souda-in-chania-region/

How to get to the port of Souda