Chania is the picture-postcard city of Crete, a true blend of cultures

Chania, one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, managed to preserve its original colors and historical character, despite the fast-growing tourist industry. Old elements are harmoniously intertwined with modern ones: the legendary Minoan splendor with the Venetian sophistication, the Turkish simplicity with the medieval beauty, the plain architectural style with the intricate synthesis.

To get a feeling of the rich history of Chania, it is highly recommended to stroll in the city centre, starting at the Municipal Market or Agora in the heart of the city. The old city walls more or less define the area of interest to visitors. The inner core, known as Kastelli, includes Minoan ruins.

Just to the east, Splanzia is the former Turkish quarter. Not to miss is the Hassan Pasha Mosque, an old Ottoman edifice, today the local tourism office.The picture-postcard heart of Chania is the old town Venetian harbor, lined with strikingly painted old buildings.

Here’s where the restaurants and bars are and where the social life of the city evolves. Keep in mind that in Chania town and in the surrounding area, there are splendid villas for rent, catering to the discerning traveller.