Do not miss the ancient palace of Festos, the finest and most typical of all Minoan palaces

The remains of the Minoan palace at Festos are, apart from Knossos, the most impressive that Crete can boast. Though it’s the second biggest such Minoan centre yet unearthed, it’s arguably better preserved, and larger as well.

The Festos palace lies on a plain near the Lybian sea in south central Crete, indicating that it oversaw trade with Egypt and other places in the Middle East. The region was inhabited from the 6th millennia BC to the early Byzantine years.

The earliest Minoan palace extended on three levels with the central court, sanctuaries, storage rooms, workshops, and other rooms arranged on at least two floors.

The most enigmatic find so far at Festos has been the so-called Festos Disk, a circular object containing so-far indecipherable marks arranged in spiral form. This object, the only one of its kind ever found, came to light in the ruins of Festos in the early 20th century and has puzzled experts ever since.

How to get to Festos Palace in Heraklion Region