In CretAquarium you can ‘dive’ in the rich ecosystem of the Mediterranean

CretΑquarium, just a few minutes walk from the Heraclion port area, is an expert in presenting species and ecosystems of the Mediterranean, a sea of unique biodiversity that gave birth to ancient civilizations and welcomes millions of visitors every year from all over the world.

From large predator sharks to microscopic sea horses and spectacular jellyfish, the diversity of marine life is showcased against a backdrop of Cretan underwater seascapes, such as the rocks at Matala (South Crete) and the seabed at Vai (Southeast Crete).

Additionally CretAquarium designs and implements educational programmes and other innovative services, treats injured animals and is constantly enriched with new marine species. Leaving the Aquarium of Heraklion one has a fresh awareness of the importance of biodiversity, especially in the Mediterranean area.

Cretaquarium offers individual and group audioguide systems in 9 nine languages. Small hand-held devices that operate as simply as a mobile phone add to and enrich your visit with explanations, comments and popularized information you can listen to at your own place and as you prefer, simply by dialling the tank number.

How to get to Cretaquarium on Heraklion Region