Lendas is a busy beach with amenities and friendly…ducks

Lendas is a remote coastal village located 74km south of Heraklion, on the southern slopes of the imposing Asterousia Mountains. It is a port and tourist resort of mild development offering relaxing holidays. The road leading to Lendas crosses the rugged mountains and descends from an altitude of about 1000m to Lendas via a route that offers breathtaking views over the Libyan Sea. The surrounding area has numerous beaches, many of them so quiet that they attract many nudists.

The beach in front of the village Lendas is protected on the east by Cape Psamidomouri and on the west by the famous Cape Lion. It is the busiest beach of the area, offering basic services such as umbrellas, showers, sunbeds and water sports. The beach trademark are its ducks, strolling among the bathers.

How to get to Lendas Beach in Heraklion Region