Koudoumas beach is for adventurers and those seeking unorganized swimming spots

The quiet and secluded beach of Koudoumas is located between Agios Ioannis and the Monastery of Koudoumas in the Asterousia mountains.To get there on foot, follow a path from Agios Ioannis to the Monastery: a beautiful journey of about an hour that passes through pine forests.

On the way you will come across the church of Agios Antonios – built high up on the cliffs and deep in a cave that was once the haunt of hermit monks. In front of the Koudoumas monastery, there is a wonderful beach with fine pebbles and crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and relaxation.

If you are a fan of nudism, please note that it is not allowed near monasteries. There is absolutely no tourist infrastructure in an area of several kilometers, so make sure you bring along some essential provisions.

Camping on the beach is permitted, provided that your presence is discreet and does not offend the monks. On the east side of the beach, there are several caves where you can stay overnight and find shade during the day.

How to get to Koudoumas Beach in Heraklion Region