Discover the beach at Kedrodasos, one of the best hidden secrets in Crete

The exotic beach of Kedrodasos is among the well hidden gems in the Chania prefecture, featuring smooth sand and ancient juniper trees. It is a beach totally lacking in amenities, favored by both campers and nudists.

The nearest accommodation options, restaurants and mini market can be found at Elafonissi beach. Kedrodasos enjoys more protection from the winds than its neighboring Elafonissi.

If you seek even more seclusion, there is the adjoining beach of Agios Ioannis to the east, accessible through the E4 path from Kedrodasos or by boat from Elafonissi. Swimming in these waters in the magical scenery of Kedrodasos is an experience you will never forget.

Note that the branches of the characteristic juniper trees may seem dry and dead but they are not, therefore please do not cut or use them for kindling and always bear in mind that these ancient trees grow only one centimeter per year!

How to get to Kedrodasos Beach in Chania Region