Grammeno beaches can satisfy the most diverse needs

Grammeno beaches lie on both sides of the peninsula of Grammeno, which is located about 4 km west of Paleochora. At Grammeno beach you have two options, sitting on pebble or on fine sand.

The beach is set on the small promontory of Trachili (the Neck). This, cloaked in a wonderful cedar forest (junipers in fact), divides the beach in two. Essentially these are two different beaches east and west of Grammeno cape, each with different characteristics.

The east pebbly beach is the first we meet in the road that leads from Paleochora with crystal blue waters. The beach is organized with sun beds, showers and there are dining and accommodation options. West of the cape there is a completely different beach with fine sand and shallower waters also fully organized with canteens and an organized camping.

How to get to Grammeno Beach in Chania Region