Do not miss the sunset at Falasarna, an exotic beach with an array of awards

Falasarna bay is one of the most famous beaches in Greece, having in the past won the title of the best beach of Crete and one of the 10 best beaches in Europe. Falasarna spans a huge area and consists actually of five consecutive beaches, with the two most central ones being the most popular.

The main beach of Falasarna is called Pachia Ammos (i.e. coarse sand). It is an exotic beach with a length of 1km and a width of 150m and although it hosts the most visitors in the area, it never seems crowded thanks to its length. The beach offers umbrellas and a few snack bars and cafes where you can get food and water.

There are also services for water sports and a beach volley court. There is another long beach north of the main beach having a length of 800m, identical to the main beach, which is broken into several smaller beaches.

This bay is divided in half by a sand dune and a few rocks. This beach is more quiet than Pachia Ammos and offers no facilities. The splendid area around Falasarna is a Natura protected region. If you are not in a hurry after your swim, it is worth waiting for the sunset, which is considered the best in Crete.

How to get to Falasarna Beach in Chania Region