Settle down and relax at Agia Gallini, the seaside village of tranquillity

Agia Gallini, with its strange but apt name (meaning “Saint Serenity”), is a small, labyrinthine village built in the shape of an amphitheatre and surrounded by three mountains: Asideroto, Kedros and Psiloritis.

It opens out into a pretty, picturesque harbour which is particularly busy in the summer. What makes Agia Gallini unique is the amphitheatrical layout of its houses on the hill, offering a wonderful view of the harbour and the Bay of Messara.

The view of the village from the harbour is equally lovely, especially at dusk. Due to its central position on the Island, Agia Gallini is the perfect base to explore the South Coast of the island, which offers a wide variety of ancient sites, quaint villages, wonderful landscapes and a rich culture.

The obvious thing to do in Agia Gallini is relax and enjoy the sea. The beaches at Agia Gallini are not large and you must get to your loungers early. Dolphin-watching excursions are organised in the area, as dolphins are plentiful here.

When staying in Agia Gallini you can make a day trip to Preveli beach, one of the prettiest beaches in Crete, situated at the end of a river that divides the beach into two. Do not forget to ask around for rent -a- villa options if searching for accommodation in the area.

Ho to get to Agia Gallini Village in Rethymno Region