Calm and clear waters without crowds

If you choose Attica for the weekend swim, then it may have happened to you this: You are looking to find a different and less well-known beach in Attica to take a calmer swim. You have several options and you can even choose another destination every weekend to go to. We at looking for the best and probably unknown ones and suggesting what you can do on your next outing. One of them is the beach of Christea, the quiet and unknown of Attica. Where you can enjoy your swim without crowds and crap.

Christea Beach: The unknown of Attica

Christea beach is located in the area of Soniou and is not particularly well known. It has sand and is spread out enough that you will almost never find crowded even on weekends. It is without facilities beach of Attica that will offer you everything you want to have a good and peaceful swim and read your book.

It is a beach with very clear waters. Once you get into the sea, at first you will walk over a big rock but then you will find sand. Its characteristic is that it is a very quiet beach and is clean in all its places. There’s no trash, cigarette butts and the like of it.

Children can play comfortably in the sand and enjoy running and playing in the water. The waters are relatively shallow which makes this beach even safer.

Christea Beach: The quiet and unknown of Attica1

How to get to Christea beach

Access to this beach is easy and just as easy to park around it. This convenience will make your swim there, even more enjoyable. Then you can take a walk in the area to enjoy food in a tavern or have your coffee. See exactly where the beach of Christea is here.

Tip 1: Take an umbrella with you because you may want to stay there all day so you should be comfortable.

Tip 2: If you have one, take a mask with you to explore the seabed which is spotless and very interesting.

Exterior Photography Source: Trip Advisor