Crystal clear and shallow waters close to Athens

Close to Athens, you can find quiet and beautiful beaches that you can’t even imagine. Larger or smaller, with sand or pebbles and generally as you might imagine them. We explore Greece and we suggest you where your next trip might be. We chose to introduce you to Kokkinobrachos Beach. A nice beach in Delesi, just perfect for the last summer swim or even for the first dive of autumn. You will need less than an hour starting from Athens and it will leave you with the best impressions.

Kokkinobrachos Beach: Close to Athens for a quiet swim

Probably you don’t want to find yourself on a beach with a lot of noise and people. The ideal is to find yourself on a beach with clear waters and quietness in order to enjoy your swim safely. Kokkinobrachos Beach is just that and that’s why you’ll be thrilled when you get there.

In Kokkinobrachos you will find sand and fine pebbles and clear, shallow water. This makes this beach an ideal destination for families with children. Apart from the shallow water, if you want to go with the children there is a playground close by so they can have fun there as well. It’s what we call a beach where you can spend all day there. Until you see the sunset.

Take your umbrella and choose the place you like to put it on the beach. There is, of course, enough natural shade to sit under if you prefer. A book or a music will take you even further.

Photo Source: Google Maps

How to get to Kokkinobrachos beach

Kokkinobrachos beach is only 55 minutes from the center of Athens so you will find yourself there easily and quickly. Just as easy to park any day of the week you will be there. In order not to have any difficulty in accessing the beach you can see HERE exactly where it is located. Choose it and enjoy it!

P.S. In the area you will find many taverns as well as cafes with a magnificent view…

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