1. Chrissi Ammos

Chrissi Ammos: A wonderful beach with crystal waters

Chrissi Ammos or “Golden Sand” is  one of the most wonderful sandy beaches of Andros with clear crystal waters. Beach Chryssi Ammos is so popular to visitors due to its easy access.

The beach is located on the main road that leads from the harbor to Chora, just 2 km from Gavrio.It is an organized beach of Andros, the attraction of dozens of tourists on a daily basis.

The beach has all the basic facilities for every need. Also, if you are a water sport lover you can enjoy surfing, sea bicycles, skiing and canoe. The region offers a plenty variety of accommodation choices.

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2. Agios Petros Beach

Agios Petros beach: One of the most cosmopolitan beaches of Andros

Agios Petros beach is a short distance south of Gavrion port and about 30 kilometers from Chora. The access to the beach takes you through the main road that connects Gavrio with Batsi and there is public transport.

It is also as one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of Andros and is particularly popular with young people as well as families with children. With its length approaching 750 meters is the longest beach of Andros.

Moreover, it is a well organized beach that offers all the amenities for the holidaymakers. A big part of the beach is not organized, but is an ideal destination for water sports lovers.

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3. Achla Beach

Achla beach: One of the most magical and beautiful beaches of Greece

Achla Beach is located on the northeastern coast of Andros and is one of the most beautiful of Greece. A magical scenery with fine white pebbles, blue waters, and plane trees surrounding the beach and the river ending next to it.

Although Andros is renowned for its strong winds, the sea remains peaceful, due to the bay that is formed. The beach does not have any organization so you should take care of your own equipment. But you will find a beach bar to buy what you need.

Access to Achla is a bit difficult, so you can also get there with a boat that starts from the port of Chora.

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4. Zorkos Beach

Zorkos Beach: A lovely beach ideal for peaceful and relaxing holidays

Zorkos Beach is located above Gavrio and shortly after the Varidi village. It is easily accessible via an asphalt road for the most part. The view along the way is magnificent. The sea, from whatever point you look at is beautiful and amazing.

It is a lovely beach with soft golden sand and crystal clear waters. It is an ideal place for those who wish to enjoy peaceful and relaxing holidays on the island of Andros. Although it is a magical beach is relatively exposed to the strong winds, so you have to visit it some day that does not blow too much.

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5. Vitali Beach

Vitali beach: An amazing beach with a magnificent scenery

Vitali beach offers one of the most beautiful routes you can take in Andros.
To get there you can follow the route starting from the Gavrio area, about 15 km long, of which 3 km is a dirt road.

Vitali Beach is paved with fine pebbles, which is especially appreciated during the days when the wind is strong. It is an organized beach and the beach bar provides sunbeds, umbrellas and everything else you need.

It can take you a while to get there, but it is surely an amazing beach that will reward you with its magnificent scenery and its excellent waters. Undoubtedly it will surprise you!

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6. Vlychada Beach

Vlychada Beach: An ideal beach for fishing lovers

Vlychada beach is located on the north western side of Andros about 10 km from Gavrio. It is a beautiful sandy beach full of sand and clear blue waters.

There you will see the presence of an imposing rock that separates the beautiful beach into two parts. It is also, an ideal beach for fishing lovers.
Keep in mind that the Vlychada beach is vulnerable to the northern winds.

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